We are one of the leading laboratory furniture suppliers in Vietnam. We have experience in laboratory decoration, lab interior design, lab ventilation system solution and office furniture manufacturer.

Ly Son Sa Ky Laboratory furniture 1

With more eight years in providing of Laboratory Layout, Design & Workflow Services Products Include: Base Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, High Cabinets, Fume Hoods,

Laboratory furniture supplier

Laboratory tables, Sinks, Water, Gas Fixtures, Waste Fittings, and Electrical

our jobs include covering design, installation of laboratories, as well as M&E work, and interior work.

Our customers may be hospitals like Tu Du Hospital, AIH American International Hospital, DNA Cosmetic Hospital…

Schools such as: Hoang Viet School at Buon Me Thuot, Phuong Hoang High Quality, Saigon Star School, Gold Swallow School…

FDI companies: Korea: Kolon Industry, Orion Vina, Kiswire, Posco VST, Lotte Material,

Taiwan: Nanpao, Paiho, Eclat Fabric, Great Worlk Ink, TSRC, Le Long-Kung Long Battery, Ching Feng, Polytext Far Eastern,

China: Xindadong Textile, Meisheng Textile, Leoch Battery, Sinoma Industry,

Hong Kong (PRC) First Team Garment

Singapore: New Hope Liu He

Denmark: Deneast Milk

Switzerland: DKSH

Netherlands: Akzonobel, Control Union, Dobla

France: Brenntag, HPB, FV

US: Amefird, SC Johnson, Boston Pharma

Japan: Kansai PaintPaint, Earth Chemical Corp,

Domestic companies: Asia Chemical Corp, Lavifood, Lothamilk, Imexpharm, Phong Phu Corp, Viet Uc…